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Media Temple Coupons

We list the best media temple coupon codes here. Some webmasters looking for affordable web hosting solutions tend to dismiss Mediatemple for its relatively high priced hosting plans. But the truth is that quality comes at a price; so most web hosts that offer hosting at dirt-cheap prices either do not promise or fail to fulfil any promises of uptime and performance. Media Temple is the gold standard when it comes to fast, scalable and reliable web hosting solutions. The company offers discounts of up to 33% on its shared and wordpress hosting plans. There is a mediatemple coupon available for every product i.e. web hosting, domain, SSL certificate etc., that you can use to get huge cash savings. Click on the media temple offer code link for product you wish to purchase and copy the promo code for use on their website

How to Use a Media Temple Coupon

After choosing the relevant media temple promo code, head to mediatemple website and do your shopping there. Just add the items to be purchased to the cart. On the Shopping Cart page, you will find “Any other info you want to give us?” section at the bottom, just enter the mediatemple coupon code in the “Special offer code” box and click on “Apply Code”. Then initiate the checkout process. If you already have a media temple account, you may login into your account; else you may create an account by choosing the “Create Account” option. When you have finally provided/confirmed your contact information and made payment, signup process is completed.

Media Temple Hosting

Media Temple has always been on the cutting edge of technology. They are known to be the first cloud hosting company. Their solutions like mediatemple grid service are known world over for being the best in offering reliability and performance. The company provides a range of web hosting services including shared, managed wordpress, VPS, dedicated and AWS cloud hosting. Apart from hosting, other tools to build and maintain a secure website are also available, like Virb website builder, SSL certificates, G Suite, security packs etc. In the following sections, we will discuss Media Temple review of these services, their pricing and media temple discount offers.

Media Temple Shared Hosting

Mediatemple shared hosting, popularly known as Media Temple Grid, is not any standard shared hosting that limits the customers to the resources of a single server. It is designed around clusters of hundreds of servers in the cloud that are networked together that keep your website up all the time. Unlike other shared hosting services that suspend your account with a small spike in your web traffic, with media temple hosting grid service extra resources from additional servers are used to keep your site functioning when there is a sudden surge in traffic. The grid handles the load smoothly for any website, providing scalability of a premium web hosting only at a fraction of cost. The distributed nature of Grid allows it to operate 24/7/365. So uptime and reliability is never a problem with mediatemple. Moreover all servers use SSD storage and best of hardware so your site on the grid loads much faster.

All Media Temple web hosting plans come with DDOS and intrusion protection, one-click installs of more than 20 apps like, wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and several open-source e-commerce platform apps. Your sites are automatically backed up, with backup copies available for restore for 30 days. The higher plans also include access to TrueSpeed CDN from SiteLock, which distributes the content of your website across multiple data centers, serving it to customers from closest centers, thereby leading to a huge performance boost to your website. Media Temple provides a custom control panel and SSH access on all plans.

There are 3 Media Temple hosting plans to choose from:

  1. Personal Plan – This is the starter level plan that supports up to 100 websites with 20GB SSD storage and 1TB bandwidth. You can create up to 100 databases and 1000 email accounts.
  2. Pro Plan – This plan scales up the number of websites supported to 500 with 100GB SSD storage and 2TB bandwidth. The number of databases allowed is increased to 500 instances but the maximum email boxes you can use are fixed at 1000 only. Also CDN & WAF and malware detection tool are added for 1 site.
  3. Elite Plan – This is the highest grid hosting plan that supports max 500 websites with 250GB SSD storage and 5TB bandwidth. You get a dedicated database container with this plan, so it’s very good for ecommerce websites. You can have CDN & WAF and malware detection & removal tool installed on 5 websites hosted on this plan.

Media Temple Hosting Pricing

Media Temple is offering its grid hosting service at an introductory discount price for new customers. You can use our Media Temple hosting coupon to activate this sale pricing. Though the company has an option to choose monthly billing; it is advisable to go for annual, 2 yearly or 3 yearly plans, as the company offers significant discount on annual and longer term plans. For example, the regular monthly price of media temple grid personal plan is $20 (if you opt for month-by-month billing cycle). But on annual plan, you need to pay only $200 instead of $240 and with best Media Temple discount coupon, you need to pay only $160.

Below table lists the regular and promo price for each plan and term.

Plan Term Regular Price Offer Price
Personal Plan Monthly $20 $16
  1 year $240 $160
  2 years $480 $380
  3 years $720 $540
Pro Plan Monthly $30 $24
  1 year $360 $240
  2 years $720 $570
  3 years $1080 $810
Elite Plan Monthly $60 $60
  1 year $720 $600
  2 years $1440 $1140
  3 years $2160 $1620

Media Temple WordPress Hosting

For those looking to build their websites on wordpress, Media Temple Managed WordPress hosting is a great choice. Managed wordpress makes it very easy to run WP sites of any complexity. It shifts the responsibility of managing the technical aspects of wordpress platform and site security from the owner to media temple system administrators.

Here are a few key Media Temple Managed WordPress Hosting features:

  1. Easy website migration and setup – Media Temple offers easy migration of your wordpress site from another host. You can access their migration tool from within the account center that helps you to easily move your old website to new mediatemple platform. For new websites, the setup process is super easy and quick.
  2. Automatic WordPress updates – All updates to wordpress core, PHP and MySQL will be automatically taken care for you.
  3. Access to Responsive themes – You will have access to hundreds of responsive themes and templates within the account center that you can use as-is or customize for use on your website.
  4. Website Security – With every plan, you will have access to malware detection and removal tool. The Media Temple security team will monitor your site and network 24/7 against DDoS attacks or other intrusion.
  5. Automatic Website backups – Your website will be automatically backed up with easy restore options available.
  6. Site Staging – You will get 2 staging sites for testing

Media Temple offers 2 managed wordpress hosting plans:

  1. Personal Plan – This plan supports 2 wordpress websites with 50GB SSD storage and 250K monthly visitors.
  2. Pro Plan – This plan supports up to 10 wordpress websites with 200GB SSD storage and around 500K monthly visitors. You also get 2 domain names and 2 SSL certificates free of cost for 1 year with annual plans.

Media Temple WordPress Hosting Pricing

Plan Term Regular Price Offer Price
Personal Plan Monthly $20 $16
  1 year $240 $160
  2 years $480 $380
  3 years $720 $540
Pro Plan Monthly $60 $48
  1 year $720 $600
  2 years $1440 $1140
  3 years $1620 $2160

Media Temple VPS Hosting

Media Temple offers range of VPS hosting services:

  1. Self-managed VPS – This is popularly called DV Developer and is essentially command-line VPS hosting. It is meant for advanced developers who prefer to handle all technical aspects of server like OS installation, updates, DB and app installations themselves. Users get full root access and can choose from 3 operating systems – ubuntu, debian and CentOS. There are 6 plans to pick namely Level 1 through Level 6. These offer increasing RAM, SSD storage and bandwidth with 2GB RAM, 20GB storage and 2TB bandwidth for Level 1 plan and maxing out to 64GB RAM, 500GB storage and 8TB bandwidth for Level 6 plan.
  2. Managed VPS – This is popularly called DV hosting and comes with a control panel to manage and maintain the hosting account. Customers can choose between Plesk Onyx and cPanel & WHM. There are 6 layers of plans from Level 1 through Level 6, just like DV developer. These plans start at 2GB RAM, 30GB SSD storage and 2TB bandwidth at Level 1 and go up to 64GB RAM, 600GB storage and 8TB bandwidth at Level 6.

Media Temple VPS Hosting Pricing

Self Managed VPS Hosting / DV Developer Plans & Pricing

Plan Term Regular Price Offer Price
Level 1 Monthly $30 $24
  1 year $360 $240
  2 years $720 $570
  3 years $1080 $810
Level 2 Monthly $50 $40
  1 year $600 $400
  2 years $1200 $950
  3 years $1800 $1350
Level 3 Monthly $100 $100
  1 year $1200 $1000
  2 years $2400 $1900
  3 years $3600 $2700
Level 4 Monthly $250 $250
  1 year $3000 $2500
  2 years $6000 $4750
  3 years $9000 $6750
Level 5 Monthly $500 $500
  1 year $6000 $5000
  2 years $12000 $9500
  3 years $18000 $13500
Level 6 Monthly $1000 $1000
  1 year $12000 $10000
  2 years $24000 $19000
  3 years $36000 $27000

Managed VPS Hosting / DV Plans & Pricing

Plan Term Regular Price Offer Price
Level 1 Monthly $55 $44
  1 year $660 $440
  2 years $1320 $1045
  3 years $1980 $1485
Level 2 Monthly $100 $80
  1 year $1200 $800
  2 years $2400 $1900
  3 years $3600 $2700
Level 3 Monthly $150 $150
  1 year $1800 $1500
  2 years $3600 $2850
  3 years $5400 $4050
Level 4 Monthly $350 $350
  1 year $4200 $3500
  2 years $8400 $6650
  3 years $12600 $9450
Level 5 Monthly $750 $750
  1 year $9000 $7500
  2 years $18000 $14250
  3 years $27000 $20250
Level 6 Monthly $1500 $1500
  1 year $18000 $15000
  2 years $36000 $28500
  3 years $54000 $40500

Media Temple Dedicated Server Hosting

Media Temple offers very powerful dedicated servers with 128GB RAM and 1TB ultra-fast SSD storage. You could choose from bare metal servers to fully managed plans. Media Temple promises SLA of 99.99% uptime, which means around 5 minutes of downtime in the whole year. You also enjoy 24/7 dedicated support from the media temple team of best system administrators, who continuously monitor the network for performance and security issues. Managed dedicated hosting service includes regular updates and patches, automatic system backups and malware scan and removal service. The dedicated server plans start at $2000 a month. These may be a little expensive than other webhosts but are second to none.

Media Temple Domain

You can register a domain name with Media Temple at a cost of $15 per year. Media Temple also offers services like domain privacy that hide your personal information, like, name, phone number, email etc. that anybody can easily lookup in the WHOIS database. The cost of domain privacy is $2 for the first year, followed by $8 for every subsequent year. When you buy a domain from Media Temple, you also have the option to buy G Suite for Work at additional cost of $5/mo. This includes domain-based ad-free email by Gmail, 30GB of additional cloud storage, mobile apps for iOS and Android and 24/7 media temple customer support.

Media Temple SSL

These days no customers want to do business with a website that does not use SSL certificate. Even personal blogs are installing SSL certificate to instill confidence in their visitors that their sites are secure and owned by who they say they are owned by. An SSL certificate sends all data transferred between web server and customer browsers on an encrypted SSL layer. It has become a standard in ecommerce industry. The mediatemple hosting customers can buy SSL certificate through their account center. A Media Temple SSL certificate costs $75 a year. The company offers Domain Validated (DV) SSL certificate, which is the simplest and most common type of certificate and comes with 2048-bit encryption. You can automatically install SSL certificates using tools in Media Temple Account Center. You can access Media Temple SSL coupon from the list of coupons above.